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Out of Jurisdiction Jurisprudence

The Out of Jurisdiction Jurisprudence process allows a person who holds a valid EMALB license to obtain an OFA certificate. the level of certificate is dependent on the EMA license level currently held.

The following EMA licenses will transfer to the following:

The EMA-FR will have the same expiry date as the EMA license

  • EMA-FR schedule 1              OFA-1

  • EMA-FR full schedule 2       OFA-2

The EMA-EMR and above will have a 3 year expiry date from the date of application, must be a current license not in short fall

  • EMA-EMR                               OFA-3

  • EMA-PCP                                OFA-3

  • EMA-ACP                                OFA-3

  • EMA-CCP                                OFA-3

Cost $50


Books if required

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